Mrs. Munson's
Kindergarten News
Week of September 15-19, 2014

What We’re Learning

We’re off to a great start! This group of kindergartners is excited to be at school and very eager to learn! As I explained at our Family Connection meetings, most of September is spent adjusting to the school environment, learning the daily routine, and building stamina. I can see all of the kids making great progress every day! J Here are some specifics about what we’ve been doing and what you can expect this week:

Reading: We are working on foundational reading skills, including counting and repeating sounds and counting words in phrases or sentences. Beginning this week, we’ll focus on one letter of the alphabet each day so that students become fluent at naming both capital and lower case letters. This is the first step in being able to quickly correspond the letters to sounds, then blend the sounds to form words.

We have been reading one or two nursery rhymes each day. We’ve learned some new vocabulary words and quite a few students are getting very good at recognizing rhyming words! Last week we learned about basic story elements (characters are who the story is about, and a setting is where and when the story takes place). This week we will also work on sequencing events.

Writing: This week we will focus on forming vertical, horizontal, and circular lines (going to the left). We’ll also begin using pictures and words to tell a story or communicate thoughts.

Math: The kids are quickly catching on to the calendar routine. Last week we learned that “manipulatives” are tools that we use to count and solve problems. We worked in groups to explore and play with math manipulatives. This week we will work in groups to use manipulatives to follow a sequence of directions and solve simple problems.

Things to Work On

·        Counting to 20 or more

·        Counting out 10 or more objects

·        Holding writing tools in a tripod grip

·        Writing names using a capital for the first letter and lower case for the rest


·        Thank you for your generous snack donations!

·        This Wednesday will be our first early release day of the year. Students will be dismissed at 11 a.m. No lunch will be served. Please be sure to notify the elementary office if this creates a change to your child’s normal end-of-day routine.

Coming Events

Wednesday, September 17: Early release at 11 a.m. for staff development. No lunch will be served.

Monday, September 22: Picture Day.