Mrs. Munson's
Kindergarten News 

What We’re Learning

Reading: We will do more work with syllables this week. The kids are doing really well using physical actions like clapping or jumping to break a word into syllables. This week we will do more work with classifying words by the number of syllables they contain. In phonics, we are still working on letters of the alphabet. We’re learning several alphabet songs that we sing as we review the letter names in order.

Our close reading lessons will focus on an informational text about seasons and how a tree changes during the year. We will work more with making inferences. This week we’ll also learn the comprehension strategy of making text to self and text to world connections.

Writing: Our stamina for writing is increasing a little bit every day! We are building our writer’s workshop routine, which includes learning a strategy, trying it out, working more on writing, conferring with the teacher, and sharing our work.

Math: This week we’ll begin a unit on sorting, classifying, and patterning. Our first lessons will have us exploring how things are alike or how they are different.

Science: We will look closely at how a tree changes through the seasons, and we’ll discuss other things that change with the seasons. We’ll learn and practice the scientific skills of observation and labeling.


Coming Events

Monday, October 3: No school. Staff development day for school improvement.


Things to Work On

·         Read with your child for 10-20 minutes per day. Minutes can be recorded on the reading log (sent home every Monday). Your child will earn a Panther Paw and a ticket in the Masons’ Bikes for Books drawing for every 60 minutes he or she reads.

·         Rote counting to 20 or higher.

·         Counting sets of up to 10 objects (more if your child is accurate counting 10 objects).



·         We will visit the school library on Wednesday afternoon. If your child checked out a book last week, please help him/her remember to return it on library day!

·         Happy birthday to Chloe! She is 6 years old today!

·         Thank you for all the book orders that have come in so far! J If you wish to order, you may do so online or by sending the order form and money to school by Thursday Sept. 29. If you need another form, please let me know.