Mrs. Munson's
Kindergarten News
Week of January 26-30, 2015


What We’re Learning

Reading: We’re continuing our study of polar animals. We will be looking for similar information about each animal as we read; for example, we’ll find out if the animal is a mammal, bird, or reptile; what it eats, etc. We will also label diagrams of each animal and talk about how it has adapted for living in extreme weather conditions.

We’ve now learned the names of all the letters of the alphabet, each letter’s most common sound, and the correct way to form each letter. We’ll be in a bit of a holding pattern for the next couple of weeks as we work in small groups and really focus on using our letter-sound knowledge to read and write words, phrases, and sentences.

Writing: Most of our writing this week will be done in conjunction with our research on polar animals and the polar regions. We continue to learn new “heart words” to use in our reading and writing.

Math: This week will be all about using the number line and the hundreds chart as we explore numbers greater than 20. We start by using grouping strategies to count (putting objects in groups of 10 and then counting the leftovers when no more groups can be made). Gradually we move to connect the number with what it means (for example, 34 means 3 groups of 10 and 4 left over). Spending a lot of time on this foundational skill really helps kids understand place value.


Coming Events

Friday, January 30: Second quarter assembly, 2 p.m., elementary gym.

Wednesday, February 11: Early release at 11 a.m. for staff development. No lunch will be served.

Friday, February 13: Valentine Party. More information will be sent home with next week’s newsletter.

Monday, February 16: No school. President’s Day.



Valentine Party: Information about our party and a class list will be sent home next Monday. J

Report cards will be mailed home the middle of this week. Please feel free to call or stop by if you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress.


Things to Work On

·        Counting to 100 by ones and tens.

·        Read for 15-20 minutes per day outside of school. Be sure to track minutes on the reading log!

·        Every few days, your child should bring home a copy of a decodable book or leveled reader. These books provide important practice with heart words and word families, and they help build oral reading fluency. Please take a few minutes to have your child read to you!