Mrs. Munson's
Kindergarten News
Week of December 15-19, 2014


This week will be all about Santa, Rudolph, and other Christmassy things! We have a couple of practices for our Christmas program, and we’ll be finishing up projects and trying up loose ends before vacation.

What We’re Learning

Reading: This week we’ll review foundational skills we’ve learned so far. This includes segmenting words, blending letter sounds, “flipping the sound” (changing one letter/sound to make a different word), rhyming, and word families. We’ll keep working with sight words as well. I will wrap up our unit assessment so that we’ll be ready to start the next unit when we return from vacation.

Writing: We love writing in our December journals! Quite a few of the kids are writing simple sentences, and almost all of them can write one or more words (using phonetic spelling) that tell about a picture.  

Math: We are working on the “Tricky Teens” this week. This is our introduction to place value, and we’ll be doing activities each day to build understanding of what the “tens place” and “ones place” are all about.


Coming Events

Thursday, December 18: Elementary Christmas Program, 6:30 p.m., high school gym. The community is welcome.

Friday, December 19: Class Christmas party. More info to follow.

December 22-January 2: No school. Winter break. School resumes on January 5.


Things to Work On

·         Read with your child for 15-20 minutes every day. It is the single most important thing you can do to boost literacy skills! Be sure to record the minutes on the reading log!

·         Phonetic spelling. When your child asks “How do you spell …?”, encourage him or her to stretch the word and write the letter sounds he or she hears. It won’t be pretty at first and your child may balk, but we want them working on those letter/sound connections as much as possible.

·         Zipping coats and fastening boots, etc. J