Mrs. Munson's
Kindergarten News
Week of March 2-5, 2015

What We’re Learning

Reading: We celebrated Dr. Seuss Day today by reading several Dr. Seuss books, doing some related activities, and eating green eggs and ham. This week we will be finishing up the “Kit” stories that go with this unit, and I will be assessing students on letter/sound correspondence and consonant blends.

Writing: Our writing lessons took an unexpected turn last week. The kids REALLY got into looking at informational text, doing research, and writing their own non-fiction pages and/or mini-books. There is nothing better than a high level of student interest and engagement, so I am going to go with it and see how they do. With this “writer’s workshop” format, the kids choose their topic and form of writing. We have mini-lessons where I teach specific strategies or show certain features of informational text in a book. Then they are free to go try it out, and I meet with individuals while the class is working.

Math: The next couple of weeks will focus on addition. We will learn about addition as combining sets using manipulatives, dice, and dominoes. I’ll introduce how to write an addition equation, and we’ll learn the meaning of the plus sign and equal sign. We’ll be playing a lot of games and doing quite a bit of small group work over the next few weeks!


Coming Events

Friday, March 6: No school. Mid-winter break.

Sunday, March 8: Daylight savings time begins. Remember to spring forward and turn clocks ahead one hour!

Monday, March 16: Class pictures.

Wednesday, March 18: No school. Teacher inservice day.



Silverwood Reading: We have a little less than a month to go to read for Silverwood tickets. Students who have return the form verifying they have read at least 10 hours outside of school will earn a ticket for a day at Silverwood. Forms are due by Friday, March 20.

Snacks: If you can send one more box of crackers or something similar during the month of March, we will be good until after spring break. Thank you for your help! J

Weather-appropriate clothing: This is the time of year when a lot of coats get left on the playground. Please be sure your child’s name is marked inside his/her coat, so it can be returned to its owner if it’s left outside.