Mrs. Munson's
Kindergarten News
 Week of February 13-17, 2017

What We’re Learning

This week we will attempt to get back on track after our crazy weather days of last week! We will also have special activities to celebrate Valentines Day on Tuesday and the 100th Day of Kindergarten on Wednesday!

Reading: We will begin the next unit in phonics. Consonant blends at the beginning of words are introduced. Our literature focus will be “kindness.” We will read some books about Valentines and Valentines Day, of course, along with a couple of selections about friendship.

Writing: We’re continuing “how-to” writing. This week we will learn to use transition words to help with sequencing. We will also practice drawing detailed illustrations that help explain our words, and we’ll review how to use labels when appropriate.

Math: This week we will really dive into the geometry unit. We will learn the difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional. We will also explore how two dimensional shapes are the same and different. On Valentines Day, we’ll do some special graphing activities. On the 100th Day, we’ll practice counting objects into sets of 10 and then counting the sets by 10.  


Keep those reading logs coming in! Remember that every 60 minutes read during the month of February also earns a strip of duct tape to tape Mr. Bollinger to the gym wall!

Coming Events

Tuesday, February 14: Valentine party, 2 p.m. Students who attend the Kalispel Language Survival School will come back to join us for the party. A note about the party and list of names was sent home last week. Please let me know if you need another.

Friday, February 17: Snow make up day. There WILL be school, due to the closure on Feb. 6.

Monday, February 20: No school. President’s Day holiday.

Monday, March 6: No school. School improvement/staff development day.