Mrs. Munson's
Kindergarten News
 Week of April 24-28, 2017

What We’re Learning

Reading: This week we’ll continue close reading of “Jack’s Garden.” We will work on looking for details that give us more information in illustrations and in the text.

In phonics, we’ll review the vowel sound /u/ and consonant sounds /j/, /w/, and /x/.

Writing: We are still working on opinion writing. We give our opinion, then support it with a reason. Kids who are trying to “write like first graders” are working toward giving two reasons for their opinion! We are also practicing reading back over our writing and making corrections, focusing especially on capitalization, punctuation, and spacing. This week we’ll learn to use a checklist to be sure we’ve remembered everything.

Math: We are still working on subtraction. This week we’ll learn to use subtraction in solving word problems with part of the equation unknown. Example: “I left 8 cookies on a plate. When I came back, there were only 3 cookies. How many were eaten?”

Science: This week we will identify plant parts and learn about the function of each one.

Coming Events

Monday, May 8: No school. Staff development day for school improvement.

Friday, May 26: Walking field trip to Calispel Valley Library. More information will follow.

Monday, May 29: No school. Memorial Day holiday.

Wednesday, May 31: K-2 field trip to Christian Youth Theater’s production of The Lion King. More information will follow.


We’re back on track with our library schedule. Please help your child remember his or her book on Wednesday.

Also, this week and next week, Sandi (our librarian) is having a contest to see who has the most reading minutes. Reading logs returned this week and next week will be considered. Remember to read and record those minutes!

I will be gone Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Please contact the office if you have an immediate need.