Mrs. Clary
 November 17- November 21, 2014







Reading: "Morning Song" Reading: "Try Your Best" 
Reading:  "Mort's Trip to the Store"
Reading:  Test - "Try Your Best" 
Reading: "Just One More"

Spelling:  Pretest

High-Frequency Words:  be, good, Mr., need, our, right, saw, time and try 
Spelling:  State the Generalization - The spelling words have "or", "ng, or are review words 
Spelling:  Review
Spelling:   Final Test
Math: Make a Bar Graph 
 Math:  Chapter 4 Review / Test
Math:  Test Practice Chapters 1-4 Math:  Are You Ready for Chapter 5? Math:  Add in Any Order
Just Right Books/ Guided Reading/ Rotations 
4th Grade Play Just Right Books/ Guided Reading/ Rotations 
4th Grade Buddies
Scholastic Book Orders are due on Tuesday, November 18, if you are planning on ordering!     
Our spelling words for the week are as follows: or, for, corn, cork, fork, more, hang, ring, two, and from. 

Please remember to turn in homework the following morning!!!! 


Please read with your child 15 minutes every night, review the story, and check to see if your child understands the vocabulary. This process will help with comprehension and reading skills.

M-Practice Book Page 33 / Math Page 34T - Practice Book Page 36/ Math Page 68
W- Practice Book Page 35/ Math Page 66Th -Practice Book Page 37/ Math Page 47