Mrs. Clary
January 26 - January 30, 2015







Reading: "Snowball and Shadow" Reading: "The Fox and the Stork" 
Reading:  "Camping at Oak Pond"
Reading:  Test - "The Fox and the Stork" 
Reading: "A Load of Stuff"

Spelling:  Pretest

High-Frequency Words:  door, kind, made, who, and would
Spelling:  State the Generalization - The spelling words have "ow", "oa", "le", or are review words
Spelling:  Review
Spelling:   Final Test
Math: Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour
Math:  Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour
Math:  Extra Practice and "Switch It!" Time Game Math:  Chapter 7 Review / Test Math:  Test Practice # 7
Just Right Books/ Guided Reading/ Rotations
Science:  What is a lake habitat?  What is an ocean habitat? Just Right Books/ Guided Reading/ Rotations 
Awards Assembly - 2:00
 Our class is having a "Reading Superbowl" with the 4th grade class.  Please return the reading logs in order to move the football helmet!
Our spelling words for the week are as follows:  low, bow, row, road, soap, boat, wiggle, middle, talk, and school.
Please continue to practice telling time to the hour and half hour on analog and digital clocks.

There is an Awards Assembly on Friday!  Students that have made grade improvements will be recognized at this assembly.  Please join us if you have time!


Please read with your child 15 minutes every night, review the story, and check to see if your child understands the vocabulary. This process will help with comprehension and reading skills.
M - Practice Book Page 41 / Math Page 28
T - Practice Book Page 34/ Math Page 42
W- Practice Book Page 37/ Math Page 13
Th - Practice Book Page 43/ Math Page 18