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April 21, 2014 - April 25, 2014






Reading:  "Hi, Green Beans!"Reading: "Fishing Bears" 
Reading:  Test - "Fishing Bears"
Reading: "Wild, Wild Things" 
Reading: "Find Something to Do" 

Spelling:  Pre-Test

High-Frequency Words:  during, ready, both
Spelling:  State the Generalization
Words have a long i, an -ay, or are review words
Spelling:  Review
Spelling:   Final Test
Math:  Three-Dimensional Figures
 Math: Faces and Corner
Math: Two- and Three-Dimensional FiguresMath:  Extra Practice and "Corners" Three-Dimensional Figures GameMath:  Two-Dimensional Figures
Just Right / Guided Reading 
Science:  Position and Motion
Just Right/Guided Reading   
4th Grade Buddies

Hope you enjoyed your Easter! 
Our snack supply is getting low, please send snacks if you can!
Our spelling words for the week are as follows:  find, kind, mind, mild, child, wild, day, play, sure, and son. 
Our class is participating in the attendance contest.  So far we have spelled "wow" and "cool"!  We are trying to spell "super". Ask your child how we earn letters! 

Self-Manager Recess is on Friday for students that return homework and behave well throughout the week! 


Please read with your child 15 minutes every night, review the story, and check to see if your child understands
the vocabulary. This process will help with comprehension and reading skills.
M- Practice Book Page 18/Math Page 8
T- Practice Book Page 21/ Math Page 12W- Practice Book Page 20/ Math Page 22
  R- Practice Book Page 22/Math Page 24