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June 2, 2014 - June 6, 2014






Reading:  "The Loose Tooth"Reading: "Baboon" 
Reading:  Test - "Baboon"
Reading: "The Goose and the Loon" 
Reading: "The Zoo Race" 

Spelling:  Pre-Test

High-Frequency Words:  against, careful, fire, quietly, and shook
Spelling:  State the Generalization
Words have a -oo or are review words
Spelling:  Review
Spelling:   Final Test
Math:  Extra Practice and "The Equalizer" Fraction Game
 Math: Mid-Chapter Check #14
Math:  Non-Unit FractionsMath:  Fractions of a SetMath:  End of the Year Math Assessment
Just Right / Guided Reading 
Free Choice
Free ChoiceField Day / Garden Party  
4th Grade Buddies
The weather is getting hotter!  Please send a water bottle to school!

Our snack supply is getting low, please send snacks if you can!
Our first grade students behaved so well on our field trip!  Way to go! 
Our spelling words for the week are as follows:  cool, tool, toot, tooth, booth, boot, read, head, carry, and hours. 
Please come and join us at 12:00 on Thursday for our Garden Party and Field Day! 

Self-Manager Recess is on Friday for students that return homework and behave well throughout the week! 


Please read with your child 15 minutes every night, review the story, and check to see if your child understands
the vocabulary. This process will help with comprehension and reading skills.
M- No Homework!
T- No Homework!W- No Homework!
  R- No Homework!