Mrs. Pease

 Second Grade

Cusick Elementary

Title I School Program



                   Monday: Mid-Chapter Test

                   Tuesday: Practice on a Hundreds Chart

                  Wednesday: Test Practice

                    Thursday: Spelling Words

Week of September 29- October 3

Story: Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon Story Skill: Self-Correct

Reading Vocabulary Words: chipmunks, picked, sniffing, south, woods


In chapter 2 the emphasis is on doubles, near doubles, and make a ten. All of these should help with basic addition facts.


We will be writing personal narratives. These are things that really happened to you.  We are also working on nouns and verbs.

Science: Plants Essential Question: How do you know if something is a living thing?

Weekly Readers: Cynthia’s Work Habits

Spelling Words { Tests will be every Friday}  write, found, were, again, made, house, how, **grumble- complain in a grouchy way

***Remember to read with your child and initial their reading log nightly. We are also having problems with our basic fact, flash cards are a fun way to learn these.