Mrs. Pease

 Second Grade

Cusick Elementary

Title I School Program



                  Monday: Bar Graphs

                  Tuesday: Analyze Bar Graphs

                  Wednesday: Problem-Solving

                   Thursday: Spelling Words                  

Week of November 17-21

Story: Lemonade  for Sale Story Skill: Retelling

Reading Vocabulary Words: announced, arrived, glum, members, rebuild


In chapter 4 students will learn to collect, organize, and analyze data.


We will be working on writing a good sentence. We will also begin our Turkey Story. We are still working on nouns, verbs, adjectives, and pronouns.

Science: Plants Essential Question: How are plants alike and different?

Weekly Readers: Autumn to Winter Changes

Spelling Words { Tests will be every Friday}  learn, heard, pearl, earth, search, early, yearn, **rehearse- to practice

***Remember to read with your child and initial their reading log nightly. We are also having problems with our basic facts, please use the flashcards your child brought home.***We will be making Hedgehog’s famous cake on Friday. ***