Mrs. Pease

 Second Grade

Cusick Elementary

Title I School Program



                         Monday: Relate addition to subtraction

                              Tuesday: Test Practice

                             Wednesday:  Missing Addends

                              Thursday: Spelling Words                           

Week of October 5-9

Story: Wilson Sat Alone Vocabulary words: amazing, clustered, gathered, raced, wandered


In chapter1, students enhance their understanding of number sense in place value, estimation, comparing numbers, and creating patterns to solve problems.


We will be working on writing small moments. We are working on making our beginning more interesting, and then wrapping up our story with a great ending.


Science: Describe seeds and their origins. Identify stages in a plant’s life cycle.

Weekly Reader: Firefighters in Three Communities Skill: Maps

Spelling Words { Tests will be every Friday } write, found, again, made, house, how, other, October **generous-share with others

***Remember to be a self-manager three things must happen: homework in on time, no behavior issues, and finally a parent signed reading log.