Mrs. Pease

 Second Grade

Cusick Elementary

Title I School Program



         MONDAY: Problem-Solving

         Tuesday: An Aesop Fable

         Wednesday: Problem-Solving

          Thursday: Spelling Words

Week of April 21-26

Story: “Dinosaurs Travel” Story Skill: Author’s Purpose

Reading Vocabulary Words: sturdy, luggage, companions, cassette, relatives, companions


In chapter 12 the emphasis is on estimating and measuring length and area.


We will be working on writing different types of poems. We will be learning what a homonym is.

Science: Describe temperature, wind, and precipitation. Identify and use tools to measure weather.

Weekly Reader: Look Both Ways, Bears!

Spelling Words { Tests will be every Friday}  routine, through,  group, wound, coupon, route, soup, **souvenir- a keepsake **copious- plentiful

***Remember to be a self-manager  four things must happen: homework in on time, no behavior issues, you may not miss the challenge word.  Now we are adding the reading log. Please look in your child’s folder for more information.