Mrs. Pease

 Second Grade

Cusick Elementary

Title I School Program



                         Monday: Test Practice

                              Tuesday: Arrays                          

                             Wednesday: Spelling Words

                              Thursday- None

Week of February 8-12

Story: Dear Blueberry Skill: Retelling Vocabulary Words: details, disappoint, forcibly, information, oceans, stroke



In chapter 15, the emphasis is on learning the skills that are necessary for solving simple multiplication and division problems. Ask us what an “array” is!!


This week we will be continuing with our opinion writing unit. We will be writing about our favorite parts in our favorite books. Ask us what elaboration is!!

Science: What’s inside Earth?

Weekly Reader: “Who was Agent 711” Skill: Key Details

Spelling Words   {The test will be on Friday } because, were, their, there, where, went, favorite, knew, new **Make sure your child can use these in a sentence.

***Remember to be a self-manager four things must happen: homework in on time, no behavior issues, a parent signed reading log, and finally you may miss one spelling word ,however…it may not be the challenge word.