Mrs. Pease

 Second Grade

Cusick Elementary

Title I School Program



          Monday: Problem-Solving

          Tuesday: Test Practice

          Wednesday:Two-Dimensional Figures          

               Thursday: Spelling

Week of APRIL 27 to May 1

Story: Dinosaurs Travel Focus skill: Author’s Purpose Reading Vocabulary: cassette, companions, luggage, relatives, sturdy,


In chapter 11 the emphasis is on identifying and describing two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.


We will be working on informational writing. What are you a “Expert” at?

Science: How can we describe Earth’s land and water?

Weekly Reader: Jellyfish or Plastic Bag? Skill: Cause and Effect

Spelling Words { Tests will be every Friday} routine, through, group, wound, coupon, cougar, soup, youth, ** souvenir- remind you of your trip

***Remember to be a self-manager  four things must happen: homework in on time, no behavior issues, you may not miss any of your spelling words, and finally a parent signed reading log.