Your child needs to read 20 minutes each night, and study their spelling words. The test is on FRIDAY.



Week of October 24-28

Reading Story: Lemonade for Sale Vocabulary: announced, arrived, glum, members, rebuild  Skill: Summarize the story  At home activity: Go over the vocabulary words with your child.


In chapter1, students enhance their understanding of number sense in place value, estimation, comparing numbers, and creating patterns to solve problems.

Language/Writing We will working on Narrative writing. These are stories about events in your child’s life. We are working on revising our stories, with the help of our partners.

Weekly Reader: Grow, Grow, Grow Your Boat!! Science: What happens when habitats change?

Spelling Words   {The test will be on Friday} beautiful, quit, many, off, school, sister, junk, brothers   **neglected-To not be cared for.  

***Remember to get free time on FRIDAY, you need to return your signed reading log.