3rd Grade Classroom News       March 20-24          Mrs. Reese  

Math –  Students are individually working on math, in IXL.com, to fill in the gaps where students are still not understanding the standards for 3rd grade.

Vocabulary – C20  Spelling words: award, cartoon, charm, swarm, garden, harvest, warned, warmth, guard, reward, quarter, toward, carpet, alarm, & starving. Review words:countries, glasses, & scarves. Challenge words: sergeant & argument.

ReadyGen Vocabulary: location, earned, overtime, competition, solution, overwhelm and efficient.  Quiz on Friday!

Reading- ReadyGen Exploration

You can visit the website at www.pearsonrealize.com.  Student login is usually their first name and 3 letters of their last name and the password is: lunch_ _ _ _ and then their 4 digit lunch code.

Ex: username: cherylres

password: lunch1234

Writing – Informational Writing.

Social Studies – Family Tree,  Inherited Traits, & Map Mysteries

Cursive – Incorporated in our daily

Science – Scholastic News & Science Spin Inventing, Wave Rider and Time Machines

Visit the below website:




READING LOGS are due on Friday

Upcoming Important Dates

March 29, 30, 31 - ½ day of school

April 3-7 - Spring Break

April 13 - Literacy Night

Due to some social issues interfering with our learning these rules have been  implemented by our principal for 3rd grade.

  1. There is no dating or going out at school.

  2. There is no manipulation or controlling of others.

  3. There is no spreading rumors or talking behind others backs.

Consequences: You must go see the principal.

Elementary Office                              509-445-0361                          creese@cusick.wednet.edu