Mrs. Garner ~ 3rd Grade ~ April 14 - April 18







Reading &



Karate Spelling


Read Aloud: Ears Hear and A Mosquito in the Cabin


Listen to Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears on tape


Read Vocabulary Power

Soccer Shuffle


Read  Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears


Review Folktales


Review Summarizing


Comprehension Focus Strategy: Make and Confirm Predictions

Crack the Code


Re-read  Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears


Making Inferences


Grammar: Adjectives for How Many

Practice Test


Re-read  Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears


Review Figurative Language and Onomatopoeia


Grammar: p. 14



Spelling Test


Partner read The Ant and the Grasshopper


Compare/ Contrast Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears and The Ant and the Grasshopper



Review Chapter 10: Measurement


Skill Groups &

x flashcards

Chapter 10    Test (2)


Lesson 11-1 Three-Dimensional Figures

Lesson 11-2   Two-Dimensional Figures


Skill Groups &

X 0 & 1 Minute Math

Lesson 11-3

Problem Solving: Solve a Simpler Problem


Quiz Lessons

11-1 - 11-3


X 0 & 1 Minute Math

Lesson 11-4 Identify and Extend Geometric Patterns


Skill Groups

Cursive &



Spelling words in cursive


Narrative Writing: One thing I did over Spring break


Challenge words/ definitions in cursive


Draft Narratives Focus: Style, Voice, Word Choice, Dialogue

Capital Z


Edit and Revise Narratives

Capital V


Complete Final Draft and Illustration of Narratives


Capital W


Smarter Balanced Test Prep.

Science/ Social Studies


Begin Earth/Space Science

Lesson 1 Earth’s Features Vocabulary p. 85

Draw a Map: Our State’s Land Features


Lesson 1 Test

Lesson 2 Sudden Changes to Earth  Vocabulary p. 89

Lesson 3 Weathering and Erosion

Vocabulary p. 95

Lessons 2 and 3 Test


Quick Lab: Materials Settle


Math p. 66/67



Math p. 12/ Science p. 28

Math p. 14/ Science p. 29

Spelling words in cursive/  SRA Tan 12 w/ parent signature


Please continue reading and studying your multiplication facts



1. tear   2. stairs   3. repair   4. glare   5. sharing   6. fairy  

7. aware    8. square   9. coax: to try to get someone to do something             10. deliberately: planned or intended