Mrs. Bond


Homework Schedule:
Monday: Homework Practice 2-4

Tuesday: Reteach Lesson 2-5

Wednesday: Homework Practice 2-5

Thursday: Spelling words printed twice


Week of October 20 through October 24







Spelling Words with Long i and Long o                                             Test: Friday

1. while  2. stone  3. window  4. follow  5. close  6. flight  7. broke 8. arrive  Challenge Words: 9. purchase: to buy something  10. ignore: to pay no attention

Math Chapter 2 Add to Solve Problems  Vocabulary:  Commutative Property of Addition, Identity Property of Addition, Associative Property of  Addition, estimate, exact, compatible numbers, regroup

Lesson 2-5 Add Money (continued from Friday)

Problem-solving in Geography

Lesson 2-6 Problem-Solving Investigation

Explore Adding Three-Digit Numbers  

Lesson 2-7 Three-Digit Addition

Literature: "The Olympic Games: Where Heroes Are Made"  Vocabulary: ancient, host, compete, stadium, record, ceremonies, medals, earned 

Review vocabulary by using these words in sentences.  Complete short paragraph: How do you feel about sports and games?  Do you like to compete?  Why or why not?  Read about expository nonfiction's elements: headings and subheadings, photos with captions, and events that are real.  Read this selection and answer questions.


Compound subjects and predicates


Learning the cursive letters o and c.  Writing this week will focus on a story about a time when a student has seen another student demonstrate one of "The Pillars of Characters".  We are reviewing elements of a story.

Science Earth Science Earth and Its Resources

Students will complete a short experiment to find out how sudden movement can change the land and buildings.  (We focused on volcanoes last week.)  Learning about landslides and floods comes next.  Students will then complete an outline of this chapter's lesson.

Social Studies Maps and Globes

Students will complete two assignments on resource maps, which also review finding distance.



Your child will be given a spelling test every Friday. The list of words will come home the first day of the school week (usually Mondays). The last two words on the list are a little more difficult and come with a definition. These are called "Challenge Words". Please help your child learn the definitions as well. Words missed on the test will be practiced on Friday during recess or Self Manager Time.

Please read with your child 20 minutes every night and record times on record sheet.
Return it with your child, check to see if your child understands the vocabulary.
This process will help with comprehension and the learning of new words.

Mrs. Bond