Mrs. Bond


Homework Schedule:
Monday: Reteach 4-3

Tuesday: Skills Practice 4-3

Wednesday: Crack the Code (spelling)

Thursday: No homework (Christmas Program)


Week of December 15 through December 19







Spelling Words with /s/ and /j/                                                    Test: Friday

1. space   2. huge   3. office   4. pencil  5. engine   6.giraffe   7. badge   8. fence   Challenge Words: 9. ancient: something that is extremely old   10. fragrance: a sweet, pleasant smell

Math    Chapter 4 Develop Multiplication Concepts and Facts  Vocabulary: multiplication, multiply, Commutative Property of Multiplication, factor, product   

Lesson 4-4 Extra or Missing Information

Lesson 4-5 Multiply by 5

Facts Practice

Lesson 4-6 Multiply by 10

Problem-solving in Science (This utilizes the multiplication facts that we have been studying.)

Literature: "Rosie, a Visiting Dog's Story" Vocabulary: firm, confident, comfortable, equipment, program, appointment, approach

Students will review vocabulary by using this lesson's vocabulary in sentences.  Students will then reread the story and then answer questions 1 through 4 in their speiral notebooks.  Phonics skill: to decode words with ough:  roughly, fought, through, brought, enough, thoughtful, thorough, enough, roughly, although.  Classify and categorize, including thinking of words that belong in the same category.  Test on Thursday.


Students will practice using singular possessive nouns.


Students will be writing words in cursive that begin with the letter M.  For written language, students will be writing a paragraph with more details.  They may choose the topic: "The story that I have enjoyed reading the most this year is....."  or  "I wish that the publishers of our reading book would choose more stories like.."

Science Earth Science Chapter Using Earth's Resources 

Lesson 1 Minerals and Rocks

Social Studies Maps and Globes

Students will be learning about regions route maps.



Your child will be given a spelling test every Friday. The list of words will come home the first day of the school week (usually Mondays). The last two words on the list are a little more difficult and come with a definition. These are called "Challenge Words". Please help your child learn the definitions as well. Words missed on the test will be practiced on Friday during recess or Self Manager Time.

Please read with your child 20 minutes every night and record times on record sheet.
Return it with your child, check to see if your child understands the vocabulary.
This process will help with comprehension and the learning of new words.

Mrs. Bond