Mrs. Bond


Homework Schedule:

Monday: Homework Practice 1-3

Tuesday: Skills Practice 1-4

Wednesday: Homework Practice 1-4

Thursday: Spelling words printed twice


Week of September 8 through September 12







Spelling Short i, o, and u Words Test: Friday

1. rocks 2. lunch  3. gift  4. thing 5. inch  6. pond  7. from  8. jump Challenge Words: 9. solution: the answer to a question 10. knowledge: what you know and what you learn

Math Chapter 1 Use Place Value to Communicate Vocabulary: bill, digit, dollar, is equal to, pattern, period, place value, round, standard form

More Practice with Numbers through the 10,000

Mid-Chapter Check

Lesson 1-5 Solving Word Problems Using the Four-Step Plan

Lesson 1-6 Compare Numbers

Lesson 1-7 Order Numbers

Literature: "Pepita Talks Twice” Vocabulary: stubborn, grumble, mumbled, exploded, darted, streak, languages

Learning story’s vocabulary by using spelling patterns that students know Studying each word’s meaning and completing vocabulary worksheets Preview and predict what the story is about Read and discuss ”Pepita Talks Twice” Writing sentences for the vocabulary words


Identifying statements and questions Writing statements and questions correctly


Learning the cursive letters f and k Writing this week will review the steps needed to produce a paragraph. Students will focus on using connecting words to make their writing read smoothly as well as share their thoughts about a job that they now do, but would prefer a robot to do for them .

Science Earth Science Earth and Its Resources

Lesson 1 We will briefly review what covers the Earth’s surface. Then we need to read and discuss: What shapes can the land take? What land features are in the oceans? What are the layers of Earth?

Social Studies Maps and Globes

Using intermediate directions



Your child will be given a spelling test every Friday. The list of words will come home the first day of the school week (usually Mondays). The last two words on the list are a little more difficult and come with a definition. These are called "Challenge Words". Please help your child learn the definitions as well. Words missed on the test will be practiced on Friday during recess or Self Manager Time.

Please read with your child 20 minutes every night and record times on record sheet.
Return it with your child, check to see if your child understands the vocabulary.
This process will help with comprehension and the learning of new words.

Mrs. Bond