3rd Grade                                  Mrs. Reese                     May 1st - 5th                   6 weeks of school left


Math  Geometry, Logical Reasoning, & Decimals

Students are also  individually working on math, in IXL.com  to fill in the gaps where students do still not understand the standards for 3rd grade.

Vocabulary –  C24 spelling words: knight, gnaw, doubt, thumb, wrong, sign, knock, climb, crumb, island, aisle, sword, whole, written, often, dishonest, rewind, & unknown. Challenge words are raspberry & knowledge.  Dictation sentences:  13. Stopping at a stop sign is an important rule of the road.  16.  When a person tells a lie, he or she is being dishonest.


ReadyGen (new curriculum)

Unit 1 Module B Lesson 4

Book: Treasure in the Trees

Writing –

Informational Writing - Explanatory

Social Studies –  Different Cultures (Native Americans, Canadians, Hispanics, etc)  

Cursive – Incorporated in our daily

Science – Finish Chapter 8 - Planets, Moons, and Stars

Ask your student about all our experiments we did last week and what they learned.  

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READING LOGS are due on Friday

Important Dates

No School May 8th - Professional Development Day

      Thank you :)

Jen, Briana and Debra  for donating snacks or water for testing last week!!!!

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