3rd Grade Classroom News                    September 19th- September 23rd                  Mrs. Reese


Math – We are starting our unit on greater than, less than and rounding numbers.  Some students still need to practice place value.  I have attached a couple of sheets if you want to work with your child at home and help them understand place value.  This is not homework!

Vocabulary – Our vocabulary words are rallies, ballot, habitat, ecotourism, governor, seed dispersal, and currency.  Our spelling words are thousand, September, mammal, settlers, broil, bore, beast, bloom, baste, cash, care, cage, came, camp and city.  Vocabulary and spelling test will be every Friday.

Reading- Students will be using text pictures and information to demonstrate understanding of the text.  We will be learning about synonyms and antonyms.

Writing – We will be working on completing our final draft of our version of the classic fairy tale, “The Three Little Pigs.”  Please ask your student to tell you their story, the more they tell their story the easier it is to write. J

Science –We are continuing to learn about different ecosystems and this week we will be reading about the Lemurs and their importance to their ecosystem.  We will also be reading about dolphins and their marine environments.

Social Studies – We will be reading and discussing the presidential election and making our own votes for Presidency and learning about U.S. paper currency.

Social Skills-We will be learning about how our body feels when angry and a few anger reducers we can use when angry.

Homework & Folders – Folders and READING LOGS due back every FRIDAY!  Students need to read 100 minutes to earn a panther paw and an entry into the bike drawing.  Please see attached letter. J  Homework this week is to play a game with an adult and tell your fairy tale to a person of your choice.

Missing Assignments – Students will have till the end of the day to complete assignments or they will stay with me during PE and complete missing assignments for the day.  Please call ahead 2 days in advance for missing work if you student will be gone more than one day.  At the end of day, if a student is absent there will be an ABSENT folder on their desk you can pick up or have sent home with a sibling.  I will only accept missing assignments for one week.

Grades – Parents you may make an appointment with Susan at the elementary office and she will get you a password to Educator Plus and you can access your student’s grades on line and answer any questions you may have, yeah!!!

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