3rd Grade Classroom News       Jan 16-20th           Mrs. Reese  

Math – Geo Boards - Fractions, Perimeter and Area 

Vocabulary – Spelling words: clothes, coat, don’t, like, used, coming, already, animals, broke, January, and February. Vocabulary words: attribute, parallel, line segment, quotient, obtuse angle, acute angle, and right angle.  Quiz on Friday!

Reading- Guided Reading Groups –Comprehension and Story Details. 

Writing – Opinion writing – Opening paragraphs, 3-5 reason paragraphs and a closing paragraph.

Science – Group Projects – picks a natural disaster and researches it and present to the class.

Social Studies – Martin Luther King

Cursive – Incorporated in our daily work.

READING LOGS are due on Friday, with 100 minutes of reading each week.   

Wish List


  • Prizes for our drawings on Friday’s

  • Bingo prize donations for Valentine’s Day Bin

1/16, Monday- No School

1/20, Friday – School out at 11 am

1/27 – Elementary Awards Assembly 2 pm

Please join us!!!!                           JJJ


Thank you to Briana and Debra for providing snacks for the whole class last week!!!

Thank you Deanna for our Ticonderoga pencils!!!!!!!

Math Vocabulary - Students will work in groups and come up with a definition and draw a picture.

attribute: is the size, shape and color

parallel: 2 or more lines in the exact same direction and the same distance apart

line segment: is part of a line between 2 endpoints

quotient: the answer to a division problem

obtuse anglean angle above 90 degree to 180 degrees

acute angle: an angle that is less than 90 degrees

right angle: is an angle that is exactly 90 degrees


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