3rd Grade Classroom News       Nov. 28 - Dec. 2, 2016             Mrs. Reese  


Math – Division and Fractions.

Vocabulary – C8 Spelling Words: Quiz on Friday! Please see attached sheet.

Reading- “Nate the Grate”

Writing – Finish up narrative unit and start opinion unit.

Science – Chapter 4 – Living Things Change Their Environments.

Social Studies – Moby Max

Cursive – Practice reading and writing.

READING LOGS are due on Friday, with 100 minutes of reading.   


Wish List:

  •  Snacks &Cheap Plastic Forks

  • Ticonderoga My First Tri-Write #2 Pencil (the other ones just break and do not sharpenL)

  • Electric Pencil Sharpener

  • Gloves, Hats, Socks

  • Boot and Glove Dryer

  • Hot Glue Gun



12/5 – No School – Professional Development Day

12/13 – Elementary Christmas Concert

12/16 – School out at 11 am

Christmas Break 12/17/16 - 1/2/17



Progress Reports will be coming out the week of December 6th

                     3rd Grade C-8 Vocabulary  Week of 11/28/16

detective: A person who investigates or finds hidden information.  The detective found clues and solved the mystery.

returned: to bring of put something back.  David returned his library book when he was finished with it.

specific: having a special quality.  I am looking for a specific type of hiking boots.

definitely:  In a plain and clear way.  That color is definitely purple.

assistant:  A person who helps.  Grandma is Mrs. Reese’s assistant.

positive: Completely certain or convinced.  Mylie is positive she heard a noise.

case: A problem that a detective tries to solve.  The police officer will uncover the facts of this robbery case.

(Source: Trophies Reading Series) & (Science A Closer Look)

resource: Something in the environment that helps an organism survive. (p.152)  Food, water and shelter are resources living things need to survive.

competition: The struggle among living things for food, water, or other resources. (p. 153) When water is limited, a struggle, or competition among plants occur.

pollution: Is what happens when harmful materials get into water, air, or land. (p.154) Cars, factories and trash can harm the environment by causing pollution.

reduce: To use less of something. (p. 156) When you fix a leaky faucet, you reduce your use of water.

reuse: To use something again. (p. 156) Old cracker boxes were reused to make this animal habitat.

recycle: To turn old things into new things. (p.156) Plastic bottles can be recycled to make new bottles and other products.


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