Mrs. Bond


Homework Schedule:
Monday: Reteach 5-4 
Tuesday: Skills Practice 5-4
Wednesday: Homework Practice 5-4

Thursday: Spelling Words Printed Twice


Week of January 26 through January 30







Spelling Words with /ou/                                                                  Test: Friday

1. crown   2. proud   3. however  4. count  5. crowded  6. around   7. south   8. loud  Challenge Words: 9. expand: to make something bigger    10. edible: something that can be eaten

Math    Chapter 5 Develop More Multiplication Facts  Vocabulary: array, multiple, multiplication,, Commutative Property of Multiplication, factor, product, Associative Property of Multiplication

Lesson 5-4 Multipley by 7

Mid-Chapter Check

Lesson 5-5 Multiply by 8

Lesson 5-5 More Practice Multiplying by 8

Test Practice and Multiplying by 8

Literature: "Centerfield Ballhawk"  Vocabulary: outfielder, concentrate, depend, ballhawk, vanish, fault

Learning about the suffix -ly and writing sentences to show understanding of what this prefix means.  Access prior knowledge of baseball by reviewing positions, equipment, and parts of the field.  Use familiar word parts to be able to figure out unknown vocabulary words.  Use this strategy to read "Vocabulary Power" and write this week's words in sentences.  Read "Meet the Author: Matt Christopher."  Read and discuss "Centerfield Ballhawk."  Work as a class to write a short summary.


Students will review how to correctly write abbreviations and begin to study singular and plural pronouns.


Students will be writing words in cursive that begin with the letter  V.  Our first informational paragraph will be finding the product of a multiplication problem if you have forgotten the answer.  We should also be able to write about what we've learned in science:  What makes rocks different from one another?

Science Earth Science Chapter Using Earth's Resources 

Students need to review Lesson 1 information before retaking the test on Wednesday.  We will then begin learning about how soil affects living things.

Social Studies Maps and Globes

Students will continue to explore grid maps as well as review intermediate directions and scale.



Your child will be given a spelling test every Friday. The list of words will come home the first day of the school week (usually Mondays). The last two words on the list are a little more difficult and come with a definition. These are called "Challenge Words". Please help your child learn the definitions as well. Words missed on the test will be practiced on Friday during recess or Self Manager Time.

Please read with your child 20 minutes every night and record times on record sheet.
Return it with your child, check to see if your child understands the vocabulary.
This process will help with comprehension and the learning of new words.

Mrs. Bond