Mrs. Bond

Homework Schedule:

Monday: Skills Practice 1-8

Tuesday: Reteach 1-9

Wednesday: Skills Practice 1-10

Thursday: Spelling words printed twice

Week of September 29 through October 3






Spelling Words with Long a and Long e Test: Friday

1. easy 2. grade 3. meet 4. saved 5. these 6. gain 7. scream 8. late Challenge Words: 9. devour: to eat something quickly, or hungrily 10.solo: music done alone or by one

Math Chapter 1 Use Place Value to Communicate Vocabulary: bill, digit, dollar, is equal to, pattern, period, place value, round, standard form

Lesson 1-10 Value of Coins and Bills

Chapter 1 Practice Test (Multiple Choice)

Chapter 1 Test

Chapter 2 Add to Solve Problems

Lesson 2-2 Problem-solving Skill Estimate or Exact Answer

Literature: "Nate the Great: San Francisco Detective” Vocabulary: specific, returned, detective, definitely, assistant, positive, case Test: Friday

Review vocabulary by using each word in a sentence. Retell Chapters 1 through 5 orally. Read and Chapters 6 through 10. Use chart to orally retell the main events of the story. Reading Long Words: read about dividing words into parts, or syllables, and complete page about this skill. Reread story and then use reading notebook to answer questions about this story.


Review four types of sentences: statements, questions, exclamations, and commands using reading vocabulary.


Learning the cursive letters s and j. Writing this week will focus on the steps in writing a short narrative piece. We will be using the story I’m currently reading each day: The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks to write about a plant with another unusual appetite.

Science Earth Science Earth and Its Resources

Learning to use the science glossary by matching words and definitions. Complete review of Lesson 1: Earth’s Features. Short quiz on Friday.

Social Studies Maps and Globes

Students will be using a map of Washington and a map of the U. S. to figure out distances between cities.


Your child will be given a spelling test every Friday. The list of words will come home the first day of the school week (usually Mondays). The last two words on the list are a little more difficult and come with a definition. These are called "Challenge Words". Please help your child learn the definitions as well. Words missed on the test will be practiced on Friday during recess or Self Manager Time.

Please read with your child 20 minutes every night and record times on record sheet.
Return it with your child, check to see if your child understands the vocabulary.
This process will help with comprehension and the learning of new words.

Mrs. Bond