Welcome back!
   I am excited to have your 4th grader in my class this year! There is going to be a strong focus on reading and comprehending what is read. We will also be improving reading stamina, so your kiddo will be able to read for longer periods of time. 120 minutes of reading at home is required each week. The best way to improve reading skills is to practice reading! These will be sent home on Friday and are to be returned the following Friday morning. Signed reading logs are a major key in your child earning Self-Manager Recess.
      The first list of spelling words will go home on Friday. New words will be given on Fridays, and spelling tests will be on Thursdays. This allows students to study new words over the weekend. Students who do not pass their test (70% is passing), will retake their test the following Tuesday.
   We will have first grade Buddies every Friday, which gives your child a chance to bond and help another child read or complete fun projects.
   Students will also be working diligently on math and writing skills. Each student has created a Writing Folder that will be used often as your 4th grader works on writing with expression as well as writing informational papers supporting an opinion. I am excited about the growth I anticipate each student will make!
   Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns. Together we are partners for your child's success! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to spend this year with your 4th grader!
Mrs. Cindy Edgren
(509) 445-0361 (New Elementary phone number!)