Mrs. NeVille’s Fifth Grade

Cusick Elementary

Title I School Program




Math: 9-3 on Tuesday; 9-4 on Wednesday; and 10-7 on Thursday; and 9-14 on Friday.

Spelling: Missed words on Tuesday; Definitions on Wednesday; More Definitons Thursday; Spelling Art on Friday.


Week April 20-24, 2015


Close reading for various Literature Circle novels.

Teach and participate in Literature Circle groups.

Work independently in SRA series.

Work on vocabulary using the Moby Max website (this can be accessed at home, too).



Making metric conversions.

Understand how metric units of measurement are related (base ten).

Continue to develop division proficiency.

Math journal entries.


Spelling words based on geometry terms.

Make geometry term notes.

Practice restructuring sentences to create variety.

Finding complete and simple subjects and predicates.


Classification of Jamestown bones to determine what settlers ate.

Dehydration with Nurse Nancy.

Healty Choices with Jenni.

Social Studies

Study the Jamestown settlement and the Powhatan Tribe.