Mrs. NeVille’s Fifth Grade

Cusick Elementary

Title I School Program




Math P. 3-2 and 3-4 on Tuesday, 3-5 and 3-6 on Wednesday, 3-7 on Friday.

Missed spelling words on Tuesday,

P.72 on Wednesday, P. 73, Thursday and P. 74 on Friday.

Reading Logs are due on Tuesday.


Week January 26-30, 2015


Continue reading the novel “Hatchet”.

Teach and participate in Literature Circle groups.

Work independently in SRA series.

Work on vocabulary using the Moby Max website (this can be accessed at home, too).



Division: Apply picture and zero patterns as division strategies.  Use traditional algorithm to solve problems using single digit divisors.



Unit 18—Spell words with ous, eous, and ious suffixes.  Use them correctly in context.

Detect sentence fragments.

Individual writing conferences to discuss persuasive writing and set goals for future writing.



Begin Unit 9—Structure of matter, elements and atoms.


Social Studies

Complete USA #7 on the Columbian Exchange and answer comprehension questions.

Begin studying the explorations of Hernando Cortes, a conquistador during the Age of Discovery.