Mrs. NeVille’s Fifth Grade

Cusick Elementary

Title I School Program




Math: 4-5 on Wednesday; 4-6 on Thursday;

and 4-7 on Friday.


***MAP testing on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Week May 26-29, 2015


Close reading for various Literature Circle novels.

Work independently in SRA series.

Work on vocabulary using the Moby Max website (this can be accessed at home, too).

MAP reading test.


Identify types of angles. 

Calculate missing measurements of angles within a triangle.

Study and calculate probability of an event.

Math journal entries.

MAP math testing.


Practice restructuring sentences to create variety.

Revise and edit poetry.

Compile and bind poetry book.



Chemistry—Compounds and chemical changes.  Acids, bases, and salts.

Healthy Choices with Jenni.

Food Sense with Miss Chris.


Social Studies

USA #12—Comprehending the reasons behind the Revolutionary War.

Economics—Bridge Building Companies.