Mrs. NeVille’s Fifth Grade

Cusick Elementary

Title I School Program




Math Study for test Monday night, TEST on TUESDAY,

P 9-5 on Thursday, P 9-7, 9-8 on Friday.

Missed spelling words on Tuesday, P.92 on Wednesday,

P. 93 Thursday and P. 94 on Friday.

**If you are supplying the book for Wax Museum,

it must be in class by Thursday.

Week February 23-27, 2015


Accumulate close reading materials for Wax Museum project.

Continue reading the novel “Hatchet”.

Teach and participate in Literature Circle groups.

Work independently in SRA series.

Work on vocabulary using the Moby Max website (this can be accessed at home, too).


Division: Review and TEST!!!!

Measurement: Review how to find perimeter and find areas of rectangles.


Unit 23—Spell words with silent letters.

Exclamatory and imperative sentences.

What is an interjection and how can it be used.

Wish free verse poetry.

Be creative and write entries in a ship’s log as if you were one of Cabot’s captains.

Practice making “best” word choices.


Unit 9—Properties of Metals—malleability, hardness, ductility, and corrosion.

Life Skills with Jenni Jones.

Diabetes with Nurse Nancy.

Second-hand smoke with Mr. Johnston.

Social Studies

Complete packet for John Cabot—Age of Discovery.

Build files for Wax Museum—timelines, books, articles, pictures…