Ms. NeVille’s Fifth Grade

Cusick Elementary

Title I School Program




Math practice sheets as individually assigned.

Math 2-1 on Thursday and 2-2 on Friday.

Spelling missed words on Tuesday, P. 28 on Wednesday,

P. 29 on Thursday, and P. 30 on Friday.

Reading Logs are due on Tuesday.

***Rachel’s Challenge Assembly and Star Nayea Assembly on Tuesday

Week October 20-24, 2014


Identify the text features of a play.

Explore Readers’ Theatre with the selection “The Secret Ingredient”

Use the projection of emotion as a fluency device.

Work independently in SRA series.

Work on vocabulary using the Moby Max website (this can be accessed at home, too).

Individual poetry recitations before the class.


Demonstrate multiplication fact fluency.

Math journal entry for problem solving.

Apply commutative, associative, and distributive properties in multiplication problems.

Estimate answers to multiplication problems.


Unit #7—words with same medial sounds.

Create samples of onomatopoeia as “hooks” for Writing Binder.

Practice cursive alphabet.


Personal Hygiene with Nurse Nancy.

Diagram plant and animal cells.

Cell experiment. 

Social Studies

USA Weekly #2—Study the different regions of the USA.

Practice using map scale.

USA Weekly #3—American Indians

Goal setting with Jenni Jones for Life Skills.