Mr. Pontius


Assignment list for Mr. Pontius
       October 24 - 28, 2016

Period 2 Design and Commercial Art

Monday -  Paper Mache Bowl finishing touches on painting and then 2 coats of Decoupage.
Tuesday - Friday - second Paper Mache project - choose an object, animal or person 

Period 3 - Construction
Monday -Friday Jalyna - install sheet rock and begin mudding and taping. (Namwan you will be texturing this week) Brian - finish painting your wall and then install the electrical and door
Caleb - Finish  siding on garden shed
 4.   Period 4 - High School woods
Monday - Friday -project construction and machine check outs... don't forget to be making different types of wood joints
You will recieve credit for the tools you have checked out on at the next grading period
Please pay lab fees
5. Period 5 Washington State History
Monday - Test and notebook check chapter 4 Do map 5 worksheet
Tuesday - Friday Travel Brochure Project
6. Period 6 Jr. High Woods

Monday - Friday hand tool project 2 (choose either the spice rack, plant stand or tool box)