Mr. Pontius


Assignment list for Mr. Pontius
        April 24 -28, 2017
Period One : Study Hall
   Monday - 8th grade students
   Tuesday - 7th Grade students
   Wednesday 8th grade students
   Thursday - 7th Grade students 
Period Two: Construction 
     Monday - Friday - paint walls Trim on playhouse. California patches
                                  begin demo of walls. Plan chicken coops
   Period 3: Woods 
  Monday - Friday - Project construction 
   Period 4: Design and Commercial Art 
         Monday - finish glass etching project. 
        Tuesday - Friday  - license plate project and clean up
 5. Period 5 Washington State History
Monday - Finish Final Exam and turn in textbooks 
Tuesday - Begin Pend Oreille County notes begin geneology assignment
Wednesday - Friday  Pend Oreille County notes
6. Period 6 - Jr. High Woods
 Monday - Friday - Work in the shop on Projects