Mr. Pontius


Assignment list for Mr. Pontius
                                       May 25 - 29
1. High School Woods - 
Monday - No School
Tuesday - Friday Project construction
  please pay lumber fees
Please Pay Lab Fees - Lilli
 2. United States History  Period 2
       Monday - No school Memorial day
      Tuesday - Review for final exam - State ID, Timeline, Citizenship test
      Wednesday - states test/ Practice citizenship test
      Thursday -  Time line test / Practice for citizenship test
      Friday   - Citizenship Test
3. Construction Class
Monday - No School  Memorial Day
Tuesday -Thursday -  wall and roof projects begin dis-assembly of walls
Friday - Assembly 
4. Jr. High Shop
Monday - No school Memorial Day
Tuesday - Friday Project construction
Please pay Lab Fees - Courtney, Ricky
Please pay Lumber Fees