Mr. Pontius


Assignment list for Mr. Pontius
       September 19 - 23

Period 2 Design and Commercial Art

Monday - discuss Sketching and shading
Tuesday - Friday  sketch various shapes, include shading do a portrait of someone

Period 3 - Construction
Monday -- Friday - layout and build the 8 ' wall / Put tar paper on Garden shed and put on Roof. When complete, set walls on movable cart and begin siding the Garden shed
 4.   Period 4 - High School woods
Monday -  Friday machine check outs/ projects
Please pay lab fees
5. Period 5 Washington State History
Monday - Read pages 28-30 Finish Mt. St. Helens video Discussion about Volcanos
Tuesday - read pages 31-35 discussion about Columbia Plateau do crossword puzzle
Wednesday - finish notes on ch 2 Homework - Review notes and homework assignments
Thursday - Review chapter 2 Prepare notebook for grading
Friday - Test chapter 2 and notebook check.. Do Map 3

6. Period 6 Jr. High Woods
Monday - begin hand tool project (choose either the spice rack, plant stand or tool box)
Tuesday - Friday -hand tool project 2