Mr. Pontius


Assignment list for Mr. Pontius
        December 5- 9, 2016

Period 2 Design and Commercial Art

Monday - No School today
Tuesday - Friday - finish Plaster of Paris plaster of Paris Project  begin Name Plate Project

Period 3 - Construction
Monday - No School today
Tuesday - Thursday _ KCTC sheet rock Project
Friday - Paint walls, Install Trim  Fix T1-11 on end wall 
 4.   Period 4 - High School woods
Monday - No School today
Tuesday  - Friday - Project construction  don't forget to be making different types of wood joints You will need to do some  inlays
You will receive credit for the tools you have checked out on at the next grading period
Please pay lab fees Toni and Kaitlynn
5. Period 5 Washington State History
Monday - No class today
Tuesday - Finish notes chapter 6 Prepare notebooks
Wednesday - Review Chapter 6
Thursday - Test Chapter 6 turn in notebooks
Friday - Begin notes chapter 7 do Map 7 Begin Vocabulary
6. Period 6 Jr. High Woods

Monday - No School today
Tuesday- Friday  Finish hand tool Projects begin planning power tools Project