Mr. Longly

Traffic Safety Class

In the State of Washington a teenager can obtain an intermediate driver's license at 16 if he/she has successfully passed a Washington State approved traffic safety curriculum, has had a learner's permit for at least six months and obtained 50 hours of practice driving including 10 hours of night driving. Once a student has received the intermediate license he/she may not have any other teenagers in the car for the first six months unless they are immediate family (brothers or sisters), they may not drive after 1:00am or before 5:00am and may not have any traffic violations including alcohol consumption or alcohol/drugs found in the car if stopped.

Our Traffic Safety course is a Washington State approved course which prepares a student to take the Washington State Driver's exam. In addition the course instructs students in the latest skills to help people safely drive a car. Skills include reference points, 0-6 parking, front and back limitation, parallel parking, blind spot checking, parking on hills, proper use of turn bays, proper movement through intersections, and road sign recognition. The class is taught consecutively which means that the student must pass the classroom module before he/she can get behind the wheel. There are nine classroom units of instruction and eight behind-the-wheel (BTW) instruction sessions. Students must successfully pass all nine units and BTW sessions including a final road test with an 80% in order to receive a certificate of traffic safety completion. Students who do not pass with an 80% will have the opportunity to repeat tests and drives until they can pass them however the student will not receive a grade higher than an 80%.

Common sense says that experience is the best teacher and driving a car is no exception. In my 15 years teaching traffic safety I have found that teenagers can successfully and safely move a car on our highway system with proper instruction and practice driving experience. This is why the Washington State Legislature has established the law that parents are to provide for 50 hours of driving practice before they apply for their license.  We are requiring the 50 hour practice driving as part of our curriculum to make sure students are receiving practice and to help parents with the 50 hour requirement. Each student is given an in-car manual with the required skills he/she must pass. Parents are required to help the students with the skills and test them. Students then bring their signed books to me to check off as part of their semester requirements. 

There are several things that are graded in this class but the grades on this website will reflect the student's classroom module score and their BTW scores. In addition parents will receive in the mail at least four detailed progress reports on the student's progress throughout the semester. If certain students are not progressing as I see they should be I will be in touch with the parent.


Guitar class is being offered to give students an opportunity to learn to play the guitar. The curriculum is designed for the beginning guitar student. It is systematic and will give a student systematic processes in learning the guitar from simple to more complex. Students will learn chord structures, notation, strums, and rhythm as well as several songs. Upon completion of the course a new student will have a basic knowledge of the guitar, how to play it and have a way to play music.

Advanced students may also take the course. These students will be placed in advanced curriculums and will be more independent in the class itself.

Grading will be based on tests of accomplishment throughout the semester.


Choir is a basic singing class. Students learn good voice production, voice control, notation, musical terms, rhythms, unison singing, harmony and music presentation. We learn specific songs of all types and cultures in order to produce a concert of voices. The end product of the class is to provide a concert of music that has been learned over the semester. Students will also have opportunities to sing solos and duets as a part of the class at a concert. We will have a major concert during each semester and a variety of other possible concerts as opportunities arise. Included in possible concerts will be the Panorama Festival and Silverwood concerts in the spring. Students will need to help raise money so we can attend these extra concerts.

Culminating Project

Culminating project class is the state mandated program for seniors to demonstrate a culminating project incorporating skills learned over the last four years of high school.  Students normally select their own project and pull the pieces together for a final presentation sometime toward the end of the semester class.  Some students have put together a personal web page, built a cedar bark canoe, built a trailer, knitted a blanket, put together poetry and major essays and did a music CD.  In the beginning of the class the students are taught the ins and outs of applying for college, financial aid and scholarships.  They put together a personal essay which can be used for their scholarship applications, resumes and are taught how to write a winning scholarship.  The final presentation must be given to a group of adults and they must use technology as a part of their presentation.  All seniors must pass this class in order to graduate.


The school district is also related to a philanthropic organization called the InvestED that provides money for students grades 7-12 who have significatnt school needs.  To find out more information about this organization click on     and check it out.