2013-2014 School Year

Student Supply List


Elementary - K-6th Grade PE

Gym shoes must have non-marking soles and only for gym use.  These gym shoes will be marked with the students name and grade level and will be left at school in a grade level Rubbermaid box in the PE storage area.



Elementary Resource Room –


All supplies will be provided or requested throughout the year



P.E. Shoes (Velcro), labeled with name                                         

Backpack that will hold a 10’ X 13’ piece of paper

2 pocket folders (no brads), labeled with name

4 glue sticks
1 Box #2 Pencils
1 Pkg. your child's favorite stickers
1 Box Kleenex
Please send a box of crackers/snacks at the beginning of each month.  This will be shared with the class.


1st GRADE – Mrs. Clary

Pencil Box                                             Markers                                             Erasers

crayons                                                  Kleenex                                             scissors, Fiskars

2 plain folders – no brads                      4 glue sticks                                       P.E.  shoes, no black soles

Water bottle                                           24 pencils                                           1 spiral notebook; wide ruled        

box of crackers or snacks                      colored pencils  - small pkg.              1 package of dry erase markers


2nd GRADE – Mrs. Pease

Crayons; small box                                Erasers (pencil top)                   4 glue sticks

No. 2 pencils                                          Scissors; Fiskars                       2 two pocket folders – no brads

3 boxes of Kleenex (to share)                2 spiral notebook; wide rule    Colored pencils/ or markers

Box of crackers (to share) per month     Gym Shoes                                       

Water bottle (replace often)           


3rd GRADE – Mrs. Bond

Crayons                                                                  No. 2 pencils (please send only a few at a time)

4 Glue Sticks                                                         Colored pencils

Notebook paper; wide rule                                    3 boxes of Kleenex (to share)

Erasers (pencil top)                                               1 spiral notebook; wide rule (70 to 100 pages)

Scissors; Fiskars (sharp pointed)                           Snacks (non sugar) – per month to share   

2-Two Pocket Folders (for homework and test barriers – no brads)

Water bottle (please replace often)

Please mark your child’s possessions with his/her first and last name


4th GRADE - Ms. Edgren

Crayons                                                         3 dozen - #2 Pencils                        2 two-pocket folders-no brads
4 Spiral notebooks (70+pages)             Colored Pencils                        Glue
3 Boxes of Kleenex (to share)               Highlighter (yellow & blue)
Gym Shoes                                          Water Bottles (replace often)
Be sure to mark all your child's possession with his/her first & last name





5th GRADE –  Ms. NeVille

4 Glue Sticks                                       2 packs paper; college-ruled                Water bottle (optional)

2 folders with pockets                        4 spiral notebooks (70+ pages)              Gym shoes w/non-marking soles

3 dozen -No. 2 pencils                        2 boxes Kleenex to start the year; 2 more after winter break

Small box for supplies; needs to fit inside desk




6th GRADE – Mr. Munson

Pencil pouch or box                            3 packs (college ruled) paper              scissors                                   

3 dozen #2 pencils                              2 composition notebooks                    2 pkgs. tabbed notebook dividers 

1 box of Kleenex per quarter              2 Glue Sticks                                       Gym Shoes – non marking

2 pkgs tabbed notebook dividers        2 glue sticks                                        Package of (4) dry erase markers

Highlighters-pink, yellow & green (A MUST!)                                             



7th and 8th Grade

notebook paper; college-ruled             folder or binder                                   No. 2 pencils (lots)

pens; blue or black ink                        highlighters                                         lock for P.E. locker

colored pencils/crayons                       (2) 3-ring binder; 2” and dividers                   scissors

glue stick                                             small book bag or back pack that will fit in locker                            

gym clothes; shoes must have non-marking soles; shorts and shirt


Mrs. Johnston's classes – pencil pouch, calculator that can do fraction calculations

Math Students - calculator, ruler (cm and inches), 4 spiral notebooks (70+ pages) college rules, graph paper

Science Students – ruler (cm and in), 4 spiral notebooks (70+ pages) college ruled, graph paper


9-12th Grade

notebook paper; college-ruled             folder or binder                                   No. 2 pencils – dozen

pens; blue or black ink                        ruler                                                     lock for PE locker


Math Students – Theme book (non-spiral notebook)

Geometry Students – compass & protractor, graph paper, scientific calculator spiral notebooks

Algebra Students – graph paper, protractor, scientific calculator, spiral notebooks

Algebra 2/Trigonometry – graph paper, scientific calculator, spiral notebooks

Choir- 2 audio cassette tapes

Mr. Markel’s Social Studies classes – individual 3 ring binder for each period.

P.E. - gym clothes; shoes must have non-marking soles and only for gym use; shorts and shirt

Mrs. Johnston’s class – calculator that can do fraction calculations

Honors English & AP English Lang/Comp. – individual 3 ring binder & dividers for each class

Mr. Schlaich’s classes- individual 3-ring binder & dividers for each English class, 3 highlighters of different colors, small box of colored pencils

Science classes – 2” 3-ring binder; graph paper