First Grade
    Mrs. Clary                                                               
    May 20, 2024 - May 23, 2024
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


    "The Loose Tooth"


    Discussion: Characters, Setting, Events, Connections, and Central Message

    "The Goose and the Loon"   

    "Zoo Race"


    Word Building: Focus on Words with -oo

    High-Frequency Words: against, careful, fire, quietly, and shook

    Unscramble the Letters to Build Spelling Words

    Fill in the Missing Letters to Build Spelling Words


    Combinations and Stories Checkpoint Penguin Problems: Joining Practice MAP Tests Career Day

    Afternoon Activities

    Mrs. Bauer


    4th Grade Reading Buddies

    Career Day


                                        Working on a Poster

      Working on a Poster

     Working on a Poster

      Working on a Poster




    All reading logs are due on May 23!




    The spelling words are as follows: cool, tool, toot, tooth, booth, boot, read, head, carry, and hours.

    Students should be able to spell all of these words on daily assignments.