•  3rd Grade Classroom News

    Novemeber 6th - 9th


    Math –Bridges - Solve multiplication problems with products to 100 involving situations of equal groups & arrays. (3.OA.3) Demonstrate understanding of fractions. (3.NF.1)

    Spelling – C7 - toys, annoy, point, noise, boy, broil, joyful, join, soil, destroy, loyal, avoid, voyage, coins, voice, fruit, rescue, computer, enjoyable and poisonous.  Spelling words go home on Thursday and the test will be on the next Thursday.

    ELA-  ReadyGen - Determine the main idea & explain how it is conveyed through key details in a text.  (RL.3.2)  Use context to determine the meaning of words.  (L.3.4.a) We are reading “The Moon Seems to Change”.

    Writing – Picking a personal narrative to revise, edit and publish.  (W.3.5) Revising and editing our narratives.

    Science –  Changes in Ecosystem Chapter 4   Scholastic News - An Army Family - Cause and Effect. (RI.3.3)

    Social Studies –  Economics - Understands that people have to make choices between wants and needs and evaluate the outcomes of those choices. (Component 2.1)

    Please visit the website: www.cusick.wednet.edu  You can find the 3rd grades newsletter and  websites listed under classroom and then click on 3rd grade.  Please explore. :)

    READING LOGS will be sent home every Thursday and are due the next Thursday.  Students need to read 100 minutes  each week, to earn their picture on panther paw and an entry into the bike drawing.  

    Important Dates

    11/14 & 11/15 Parent Teacher Conferences You should have received a letter in the mail.  Please call J. Lynn at 445-0361 to confirm your conference day and time.

    11/16 @ 2:30 pm Elementary Awards Assembly in the Old Gym.

    12/14 Elementary Christmas Program

    12/19 Elementary Classroom Christmas Parties


    Thank you all for joining us for Halloween and bringing the delicious food !!!!


    Students who are absent or not able to complete work at school will have homework sent home in their yellow communication folders.  It will be labeled homework on the top.  Please help your child complete and return asap.  Thank you very much!!!

    Elementary 509-445-0361

    High School 509-445-1125