• Hello! 
    Please make sure you come to class the first day with the appropriate materials - either a list was sent out in the mail, or you can find it on the Cusick District home page (top of the page under the "Our District" tab)!
    For English classes, a class syllabus sheet and a class expectations sheet will be handed out and gone over within the first few days of class - parents - please ask your student(s) to show you this syllabus and the class expectations sheet and explain any questions you have, as I will spend a significant amount of time going over the expectations and syllabus with them to make sure all information is understood. This will prevent any misunderstandings about grades and the course in the future! students need to have signatures on the class syllabus and expectations sheets - these are their first assignments!
    To see what we have planned each week look on my welcome page for daily lesson descriptions.
    Thank you
    Mr. Schlaich