Wow, how time flies by, it is time for our last learning packet (Week 4, 5, & 6). If you chose to  learn by using this learning packet please return it on Monday, 6/15 or Tuesday 6/16.  Your learning packet can be returned to the school via the food delivery, dropped off at the high school office Monday-Thursday from 8 to 3 pm, or mailed.


    Thank you all who chose to learn by working on your previous learning packet (Week 1, 2, & 3) and returned it to the school!!!!  If you completed the lesson on-line I will pull your reports. I have seen several great passion projects you all have been doing with your families! YOU ALL ROCK!!!!  I AM SO PROUD OF EACH ONE OF YOU!!!


       Families have the choice on how and what they want their child to learn.   Some options offered are a learning packet, online learning (I can check student progress and assign out lessons), and passion projects designed by the family, or by any combination. What is a passion project?  It’s learning more about something you love!  Do you love; Lego’s? Graphic novels? Art? Gardening? Swimming? Dogs? Sheep? Some other topic?

    A Passion Project!  


     We have been advised by our school administration to pick 3-4 POWER standards and focus our learning on them.  Power standards are the most important standards the students will need for next year.  We have covered almost all the standards throughout the year already.  


    3rd Grade Math Power Standards 

    Students should be able to:

    1. Fluently add and subtract 4 digit numbers with regrouping  
      1. Example: 6569+9365 or 9691-3359.
    2. Multiplication and Division Facts
    3. Measurement and Data: Tell time to the nearest minute.  Example: 6:58 pm or 11:42 am.  Money- students should be able to solve story and math equations involving money (dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies). Fractions - identifying, drawing, know what fractions are equal and be able to place them on a # line.
    4. Geometry - students understand the area and perimeter of shapes and can identify the shape attributes. 


    Online Math Programs - please go to my website and click on the link


    Dreambox on the computer, will give math lessons that work on skills your child needs.  It automatically feeds the math skills your child  needs to work on and continually monitors the progress. I am able to see the lessons completed.  I can also assign lessons to each individual student.  You will see a blue calendar over the lessons I have assigned.


    IXL is also a computer program that your child can log into and complete lessons under 3rd grade for math. I like this program because you can pick one skill and work on that.  For example, you know your child struggles with telling time, you can locate time and complete the lesson under time. Your child can practice just that skill.  This program is a little harder and does not automatically assign lessons, the student or you must select the skill to work on under the subject and grade level.


    Mobymax is where we practice our  math facts using fact fluency. The students also have lessons assigned in their assignment tab (it is a cluster of books and has a red dot over it). 


    ELA Power Standards


    1. Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.
    2. Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.  Determine the main idea of a text, recount the key details and explain how they support the main
    3. Writing - Can write a 3 paragraph essay using standard English grammar (capitalization, punctuation, nouns, verbs, etc.)


    Online ELA Resources - please go to my website and click on the link


    Lalilo is a phonics based program your child has already been using and it will automatically give them what they need to work on in phonics and reading skills.


    Mobymax you can practice reading, language and writing skills. The students also have lessons assigned in their assignment tab (it is a cluster of books and has a red dot over it). 


    Read Theory is a reading program that automatically assigns students reading passages and then has them answer reading comprehension questions.  It will automatically adjust their reading level as needed.


    Spelling City - I have assigned weekly 3rd grade level spelling words for the students to work on in spelling city.  It is a great program that has lots of different ways to practice using the words.  Or, the student may practice their words and you can quiz them.




    Thank you all who choose to complete your informational writing paper!  I loved reading them!  If you chose to continue writing, I have included 4 informational writing prompts for you to write a 5-8 sentence paragraph.  I have also posted the writing prompts on google classroom. 


    Zoom Classroom Classes (9:30-10) are optional and not required!


    Thursday’s zoom class is on ELA topics.  Meeting ID: 994 2999 1728      

    Password: panthers (No Zoom on 6/18)  


    Monday’s zoom class is on Math.  Meeting ID: 953 0400 5187

    Password: panthers (No Zoom on Memorial Day, 5/25)



    Parents, you are all doing an AMAZING job!!!!  I appreciate all of you and I want to say thank you very much!!!!  I am here to help in any way I can and be a resource.  I do not want to add any stress to your life.


    Please continue to visit Classroom Dojo and Cusick School Website for the latest updates.  Superintendent, Don Hawpe also shares via his facebook.


    I can be reached on ClassDojo, by email at creese@cusick.wednet.edu or by texting or calling me at 775-223-1855.   My office hours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-10 am. 


    Yours truly,


    Mrs. Reese


    Elementary 509-445-0361  High School 509-445-1125