First Grade
    Mrs. Clary                                                               
    Apr. 22, 2024 - Apr. 25, 2024
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


    "Let's Go!"

    "How To Be a Nature Detective"   

    Discussion: Main Topic and Details 

    "Flo Hippo"   

    "Old Rover"


    Word Building: Focus on Words with -old and long vowel o

    High-Frequency Words: clues, detective, floor, nature, piece, and pulls

    Word Sort

    Fill in the Missing Letters to Build Spelling Words


    Pizza Party Shape Riddles Shape Sorting and Graphing More Shape Riddles

    Afternoon Activities

    Mrs. Bauer


    4th Grade Reading Buddies

    Science / Social Studies


                                        Sharing My Final Copy

      Writing a How-To Book on Demand

     What is Shared Research?

      Taking Notes





    Color Run forms are due back on April 29, 2024!


    The spelling words are as follows: old, fold, told, cold, roll, most, find, child, both, and during.

    Students should be able to spell all of these words on daily assignments.