• st. patrick's day
    First Grade
    Mrs. Clary                                                               
    March 16, 2020 - March 19, 2020
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


    Make Leprechaun Traps

    Use Illustrations and Details to Tell About a Story

    Tell About Ending Events in a Story

    Visit the Wax Museum


    Word Building - Focus on Words Containing a Long o Spelled "o-e"

    Unscramble Letters to Build Spelling Words

    Word Sort

    Read:  "Squirrels at Home"


    Shape Riddles Shape Sorting & Graphing More Shape Riddles Library

    Afternoon Activities



    5th Grade Reading Buddies

     Pam Visits




    Working on a Final Copy Publishing Final Copies Publishing Final Copies Continued Publishing Final Copies Continued


    Thank you for sending supplies to make "Leprechaun Traps"!

    The spelling words are as follows: bone, cone, code, rode, rose, those, my, try, again, and blue.

    Students should be able to spell the previously listed words on daily assignments.