• happy halloween
    First Grade
    Mrs. Clary                                                               
    October 25, 2021 - October 29, 2021
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


    "Muff's Bath"

    "Space Pup"

    Discussion:  Asking Questions

    "Buck Duck"

    "Do You See It?"


    Word Building - Focus on words with short vowel "u"

    High - Frequency Words:  gives, he, night, out, people, says, when, and your

    Unscramble Letters to Build Spelling Words

    Fill in the Missing Letters to Build Spelling Words


    Introducing Work Place 2C: Sort the Sum Double-Flap Number Cards Domino Addition Checkpoint Halloween Math

    Afternoon Activities


    Reading Partners


    Halloween Celebration



    Using a Rubric to Improve My Writing Adding a Beginning Conclusions Halloween Celebration


    Our Halloween celebration will be this Thursday!  Please remember to leave costumes at home!  Thanks!

    The spelling words are as follows: us, bus, bug, rug, mug, must, with, then, she, and use. 

    Students should be able to spell the previously listed words on daily assignments.