3rd Grade Newsletter for the week of 10/25


    Upcoming Important Dates

    • 10/21 Scholastic Book Order Due (Delivery is taking a little longer than usual.)
    • 10/25 Individual School Pictures
    • 10/28 Bring a “special store bought” snack to share.  Halloween Movie @ 3-3:30 pm
    • 11/8-11/10 Parent Teacher Conference - more info to follow

    Homework (located in your communication folder)

      • Reading Log 100 minutes due on Monday, 11/1
      • Complete spelling worksheets and study for quiz on Thursday, 10/28
    • Week # 9 can’t, shall, those, both, paper, pushed, sharp, shock, crash, showed, shoes, shoulder, product, quotient, multiplication, division
    • Or Spelling List B-6 - rain, paid, nail, made, came, take, tape, day, say, play, spot, stop, drop

    Classroom Dojo (My main form of communication.)

    • If you have not joined us please click the link on the Cusick School Website under classrooms, 3rd grade, and the Weekly Calendar 

    Thank you!!!

    • Thank you for sending snacks last week to share with the class!!!

    Contact Information

    • My school email at creese@cusick.wednet.edu.
    • Message me on Classroom Dojo.
    • Calling the school at 509-445-0361 or 509-445-1125.

    Mrs. Reese


    A BIG JUMP FROM 2nd to 3rd GRADE

    You might be surprised to know that third grade is typically thought as the most important year in a child’s academic career.  It’s the year that students move from learning to read - decoding words using their knowledge of the alphabet- to reading to learn.  Where academic performance and school expectation are concerned, big changes occur in third grade!

    When children enter into 3rd grade, the level of work and expectations becomes much more challenging than what they experienced in previous grades.  The reading passages get harder, the amount of writing gets longer, and the level of abstract thinking in math increases.  There is a noticeable increase in work because this is the year that your child has to memorize multiplication tables and other important foundational information.

    As a parent, you can help your child lessen the increased stress of performing well at school by offering lots of encouragement.  Praise the effort they put into learning a new concept, memorizing facts, or spending extra time to do an assignment well.  Be sure to reassure your child that tests and grades do not necessarily determine future success.  If your child faces difficulties, or even failures, help them see that these moments are all part of the learning process.

    I am here to work with you and your child to make third grade the most successful and fun year!