3rd Grade Newsletter for the week of 9/28-10/1    Q1.4

    We are in the 1st quarter and the 4th week!!! Q1.4

    Thank you for all your support the last couple of weeks!!!! 

    Google Classroom

    • Quizzes will no longer show up on Thursdays.  All quizzes will be given in the classroom on Thursday and then in person on Monday.

    Checklist for daily assignments for ALL students

    • DOL - daily assignments
    • Spelling- complete lesson in Spelling City, log on with google
    • Reading -daily assignments & Reading Log (100 minutes)
    • Writing -   assignments
    • Scholastic News - No Assignment this week
    • Typing- D, E, and I
    • Cursive - Letters I, J, K and L,  turn in paper packet

    _______________________________________________Afternoon Students Only

    • Math - daily assignments
    • Mystery Science Q1.4 - watch video & complete worksheet
    • PE Log 

    Return paper packets each day.  We use them in class just like you use them at home!! 

    Thank you all for all your work you are doing during the week with your students!!!  It is paying off and they are learning and sharing what they did when not in school.  I am so glad to have every student and their family this year!!!!  We can do this near impossible mission as long as we work as a TEAM!!!!  I am honored to be part of our TEAM!!!!

    Mrs. Reese creese@cusick.wednet.edu
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