Your child needs to read 20 minutes each night, and study their spelling words. The test is on FRIDAY.



    Week of May 22-26

     Reading: The Case of the Hungry Stranger and They Came From Center Field   SKILL: Comprehension and Vocabulary


    In chapter 12, the emphasis is on estimating and measuring length. We will use a centimeter and an inch ruler.

    Language/Writing: We will be starting our Informational writing.

    Weekly Reader: A Trip to The Moon and Give The U.S.A. a Hand!    Science: Observe How solids, liquids, and gases mix.

    Spelling Words   {The test will be on Friday} Tuesday, Wednesday, February, January, August, turquoise, eleven, twelve, rectangle, pyramid, **treacherous-It is very dangerous.

    ***Remember to get free time on FRIDAY, you need to return your signed reading log.